About Us

Welcome to the T.R.A.P (To Risk A Possibility) or (Take Risk And Prosper).

Trap Scars was founded on March 1, 2019 by a young CEO by the name of Tree located in Tampa, Florida.


Trap Scars has a deeper meaning than just dealing with illegal activity; in life we are met with adversities that cause us to have to risk a possibility, or trap, but when you take risks there are always consequences and repercussions that may leave a few scars behind, good or bad.


Not everyone grows up privileged with things like money; some have experienced poverty which may make them feel trapped resulting in them feeling anxious to make it out on top by taking a risk to fail or prosper.


Our team understands that everyone may feel trapped at a certain time in life and our goal with Trap Scars is to allow everyone to freely express themselves without being judged and wear your scars proudly.